Thursday, June 15, 2017

OC-090 planned

After nice holidays on Siargao (OC-235) I took decision to visit Philippines again in November.
This time I am going to stay on Busuanga Island - OC-090. Not very rare but last time activated 4 years ago in May 2013. During my trip to Siargao I brought 50 kgs of stuff (radio, PA, PS's, hexbeam etc.) what was not easy to carry and caused quite big expenses for excess baggage.
I do not want to give up PA, which helped me a lot on Siargao, but I am not going to bring again my hexbeam which works great and covers bands from 6 to 20m but, together with mast, is one of the most heavy things I had with me. I am considering to take a VDA but this is a monoband antenna so I could work on one band (eg. 20m) only.
I hope many of you can advise me what kind of multiband and lightweight antenna could be used. I will appreciate any suggestion. 

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